Will Dr. Summers provide me with a diet or nutritional plan?

Yes.  Dr. Summers and his medical team will determine the number of calories you should eat each day based upon your current weight and weight loss goals.  You will be given a weekly sample menu to help you choose healthy food.  We suggest that you follow a low calorie diet that consists of lean proteins, favorable carbohydrates and "good" fats.  It is proven to lower blood insulin levels, which increases the body's ability to burn fat and curb sweet and starch cravings.  Dr. Summers allows you to choose the foods you buy from the grocery store and does not make you purchase any special food.

We found a helpful nutritional calculator that will tell you how many calories you can eat per day based on how many pounds you want to lose in a certain amount of time.  Please go to the following link and use the unique, and very helpful nutritional calculator: http://www.healthyweightforum.org/eng/calculators/calories-required/

For additional information, please call the weight loss clinic location that you plan to visit:  

St. Vincent's East (Birmingham) 205-838-3740

Montclair Road (Birmingham) 205-582-9316