Dr. Summers Health Tips

Dining Out Strategy

When out at a restaurant, ask the server to hold the bread, snack mix or chips and salsa that might come before the meal.  If you're hungry, you'll be tempted.

News & Information

The Journey Begins Here.

Welcome to Dr. William Summers' Weight Clinic.  Our practice is dedicated to helping you reach your goals for healthier living.  Our medical weight loss programs are affordable, safe, effective, and designed around your specific needs. 

There are 4 weight loss clinic locations:  St. Vincent's East (Trussville/Robebuck) and Montclair Road (Birmingham near Irondale and Mountain Brook...closest location to downtown Birmingham), Madison and Tuscaloosa. If you have additional questions or would like to make a new patient appointment please call the clinic location that you are planning to visit and we will be happy to assist you.    

Clinic Locations and Contact Info:

1. Birmingham (aka the Irondae location - located on Montclair Road, a quick drive from downtown Birmingham via I-20E towards Atlanta then off the Oporto-Madrid Blvd Exit; also close to Irondale and Mountain Brook) 
1516 Montclair Road, Birmingham, AL 35210
Phone: 205-582-9316
Fax: 205-582-9317
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/theweightclinic 
Instagram: www.instagram.com/the_weight_clinic

2. Trussville (St. Vincent's East Hospital)
52 Medical Park Drive East, Ste 215, Birmingham, AL 35235

3. Madison, AL
8089 Highway 72, W Suite A, Madison, AL 35758

4. Tuscaloosa, AL. 
518 East 15th Street
Tuscaloosa, AL. 35401