Our Program

Initial Weight Loss Consultation ($125* is the fee for the initial consultation only, medication and supplements are an additional cost) *Effective 11/01/2022

  • One on one consultation with Dr. Summers AND\OR his nurse practitioner Purba Mukherjee along with his team of medical professionals to determine a safe and effective weight loss program, based on comprehensive medical history paperwork that you will be asked to fill out at the beginning of your "new patient" appointment. Please go to the NEW PATIENTS link under the Weight Loss tab to print and fill out the paperwork that you can bring with you to your appt.  If necessary, we will consult with your primary care physician to obtain important medical records and/or lab results.
  • Weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) Analysis 
  • Vitals - Blood Pressure and Pulse
  • Nutritional and Exercise Counseling- After we determine you weight loss goal, we will advise you on how many calories you should eat each day in order to reach your weight loss goal and provide you with sample menus with healthy food choices based on your suggested daily caloric intake.  Dr. Summers understands that education and support are important factors to any successful weight loss program. Please remember that we are always just a phone call away and we are committed to being your support system throughout your weight loss journey!
  • Prescriptions will be E-prescribed through the computer to the pharmacy of your choice. Please allow minimum of 24 hours for prescriptions. (If prescribed.)  Appetite suppressants can be taken by those who feel they need a little extra help controlling their appetite.  The prescription appetite suppressant we most commonly prescribe is Adipex (generic name:  Phentermine), but we also prescribe Bontril and other prescription medications in order to meet specific patient needs. 
  • Of note, in regards to the prescription injection weight loss medications, we ask that you check with your insurance company about coverage as some plans do not cover weight loss drugs. Also, manufacturers of these drugs may have coupons you can print off.
  • New patient introduction packet 
  • Non-prescription Vitamin B & Lipotropic injections  -  Dr. Summers gives you the option to participate in our weight loss injections alone or in addition to your appetite suppressant medication. The injections are prescribed to be administered at least one time per week in the upper hip on a consistent basis.  Our trained medical staff will administer your injection for you during your appointment and will also teach you how to self-administer the injection if you prefer to take them home to self-administer them each week.  You do not need an appointment and are not required to pay any fee other than the cost of the injections if you only want to purchase additional injections.  Also, you have the option to take more than one Vitamin B and Lipotropic injection per week and/or request double injections (with double the amount of the solution in each syringe). 
  • Patients will also be informed regarding various supplements, which are are also optional, yet recommended and can be taken along with other parts of the program.

28-30 Day Follow Up for medication refills  ($45* is the fee for each follow up visit) *EFFECTIVE 11/1/2022

  • Dr. Summers requires all weight clinic patients to be seen in the office every 30 days in order to obtain a refill on his or her appetite suppressant medication.  
  • Prescription medication injection refills can be obtained every 28 days.
  • Weight and BMI Analysis
  • Vitals - Blood Pressure and Pulse
  • Nutritional and Exercise Counseling
  • Vitamin B & Lipotropic injections - optional, yet highly recommended.