The Weight Clinic (Montclair Road)

The Weight Clinic (Birmingham; near Irondale and Mountain Brook, AL)

1516 Montclair Road

Birmingham, AL 35210

Phone:  205-582-9316

Fax:  205-582-9317


Physician Supervised by:  William D. Summers, MD

Managed by:  Kacy Summers

To shop online for the various Isagenix weight loss supplements offered in the clinic (including shake and cleanse products and packages, meal replacement and protein bars, vitamins, etc):

Facebook:  Follow us on Facebook to access Facebook exclusive coupons and deals (the special deals are only valid at this location, as each location is under different managment), important announcements such as if we have to close early due to bad weather, upcoming special hours or days we will be closed due to holidays.  To find our Facebook page, you can either search Facebook for the pharase "The Weight Clinic Montclair Road Location" or by selecting the following link:

Pinterest:  Our Pinterest account is dedicated to providing resources to help you along your weight loss journey.  With the mix a mix between endless low carb recipes, fitness inspiration, and motivational quotes, it is the perfect site to browse when you need some extra inspiration in order to stay on track.  You do not need to have your own personal Pinterest account in order to access our profile.  It operates just like any simple website.  Our staff has spent hundreds of hours over the years carefully currating the posted low carb recipes and various other pins to help you reach your goal and we continue to update this page on a regular basis so you can always find something new!  We want everyone to know that you can still LOVE what you eat while trying to lose weight.  It can also be really fun to experiment with new flavors and ingredients.  When you see a recipe photo that you like just double click it to access the full receipe instructions: www.pinterest/weightclinic

Instagram:  We recently added an Instagram account for our location as another way to offer special discounts and promotions to our patients, as well as fun photos and weight loss tips: 

Hours:  Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and Saturdays 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Extended Hours:  There are 2 Tuesdays each month with extended hours until 6 pm.  We have extended hours when Dr. Summers is in the office for new patients (usually occuring every other Tuesday), as he alternates between morning new patient sessions from 9 am to 12 pm and afternoon new patient sessions from 3 pm to 6 pm each Tuesday.  We have listed the upcoming days with extended hours below.

Transfer Patients:  Patients who have been seen at other locations are welcome to transfer to the Montclair Road location.  All you need to do is call the location where you were previously seen and ask them to fax your records to the Montclair Road location at fax number 205-582-9317 (each location has the contact information for all other locations).  Transfer patients are considered return patients and do NOT have to start over as a new patient. 

Return Patients:  As long as you have been seen at any clinic location within the past 2 years then you are STILL considered a return patient at the Montclair Road location.  You do NOT have to start over as a new patient if you have taken a break from the program for a few months!  Getting off track happens sometimes even when we have the best of intentions.  We understand that this is a hard process and are here when you are ready to start again!  We do not make you start over just because we haven't seen you for a few months.  We also do not think that just because you have gotten off track for a few months that you are back to square one and need to totally start over.  We believe that you know what you need to do!  Now it is time to do it!  Just drop back in as a return patient, as if you haven't missed a beat.  We will welcome you with open arms and help you get back on track!

Scheduling New Patient Appointments:  New patients are required to schedule an appointment. Please call us at 205-582-9316 to schedule an appointment. Return patients are welcome anytime we are open (including during new patient days) without an appointment, although, wait times are much shorter for return patients if they avoid new patient day times.

Upcoming New Patient Days (and Late Days) for 2017:  

Tuesday, September 5th:  9:00 - 12:00

Saturday, September 9th:  10:00 - 2:00

Tuesday, September 12th:  2:45 - 6:00

Tuesday, September 19th:  9:00 - 12:00

Tuesday, September 26th:  2:45 - 6:00

Tuesday, October 3rd:   9:00 - 12:00 

Tuesday, October 10th:  2:45 - 6:00

Saturday, October 14th:  10:00 - 2:00

Tuesday, October 17th:  9:00 - 12:00

Tuesday, October 24th:  2:45 - 6:00

Tuesday, October 31st:  9:00 - 12:00

Tuesday, November 7th:  2:45 - 6:00

Saturday, November 11th:  10:00 - 2:00

Tuesday, November 14th:  9:00 - 12:00

Tuesday, November 21st:  2:45 - 6:00

Tuesday, November 28th:  9:00 - 12:00

Tuesday, December 5th:  2:45 - 6:00

Saturday, December 9th:  10:00 - 2:00

Tuesday, December 12th:  9:00 - 12:00

Tuesday, December 19th:  2:45 - 6:00

Tuesday, December 26th:  9:00 - 12:00