What should a new weight clinic patient expect during his or her first weight clinic appointment?

During your first "new patient" weight clinic appointment with Dr. Summers, you will be asked to fill out some medical paperwork and provide a copy of a valid ID to be kept in your file.  We encourage new patients to print the new patient paperwork from our website and bring the complete paperwork to the first appointment.  This is not required, but many patients prefer to do so.  Dr. Summers and his weight clinic staff will weigh you and take your vitals in order to make sure that you are on a safe program for your state of health.  After your weight loss goal is determined you will be provided with a suggested nutritional diet, with a certain number of calories to try to eat per day in order to reach your goal, along with a weekly menu with suggested meal plans.  Dr. Summers also provides written prescriptions to appetite suppressant medications and lipotropic injections.  You will be given the option to do the lipotropic injections 1 or 2 times per week, as well as the option of double injections which have more of the lipotropic solution in each injection.

You will be given the option to participate in the blood work we offer, which is highly recommended.  The blood work is more thorough than the average blood work you have gotten in the past and focuses on looking for problems with metabolism that need to be treated in order to help you lose weight. The basic panel begins at $45.

The fee of the "new patient" appointment is $85, plus cost of any optional lipotropic injections, lab work, products or supplements. We require you to come in every 30 days for a follow up visit in order to obtain a refill.  The cost of each 30-day follow up visit is $35,  plus the cost of Any additional optional products or services. Patients may come as early as day 28 in order to obtain a refill in order to avoid having to wait until completely out of medication in order to stop by the clinic.

For additional information, please call the weight loss clinic location that you plan to visit:  

Birmingham (Montclair Rd location) 205-582-9316 

Prattville 334-358-9262

Madison 256-325-1543