Are both men and women welcome to participate in the weight loss clinic?

Yes, both men and women are welcome to be treated by Dr. Summers in the weight loss clinic.  

One of the main reasons Dr. Summers decided to treat both men and women in the weight loss clinic is to promote couples going on the program together to provided encouragement to each other and to create a total lifestyle change for both adults within the household.  We encourage our patients to suggest our weight loss clinic to his or her spouse or partner.  We hope that your relationship will be strengthened by participating in Dr. Summers' weight loss clinic in the same way that we have seen with many other couples who have also chosen to take on this challenge together!  

While we have definitely seen positive changes in the couples who have done the weight loss clinic together, we want our potential patients to know that this is not a "partner" program.  The majority of our patients are single and going through program without a partner.  If you feel you need that extra support from home and you are unable to bring a spouse/partner, remember that a close friend or co-worker can offer a tremendous amount of support as well.  We have several groups of co-workers who are on the weight loss program together.  The co-workers are able to hold each other accountable for staying on the diet during lunch and also to encourage each other to exercise before or after work.   

The number one goal of Dr. Summers' weight clinic staff is to provide support to you in a way that exceeds your expectations!  If you are one of the many patients going through the program without friends or family by your side, please know that you are never in this alone because Dr. Summers and his staff are committed to supporting you!  We look forward to helping you every step of the way on your journey to success!  

For additional information, please call the weight loss clinic location that you plan to visit:  

St. Vincent's East (Birmingham) 205-838-3740

Montclair Road (Birmingham) 205-582-9316