How is the blood work Dr. Summers offers in the weight clinic different from the blood work I get at my yearly check up?

Dr. Summers offers optional, yet recommended, blood work focusing on metabolism and other health issues which affect metabolism and weight gain/weight loss.  The blood work is one of the most advanced and comprehensive tests available today and will tell Dr. Summers if there are medical issues hindering your ability to achieve your ideal weight.  Overall, the blood work focuses on testing many factors that may be causing you to gain weight that are not normally tested.  The test gives Dr. Summers the information he needs to treat any disorders related to metabolism.  Each patient receives a letter, written by Dr. Summers, with a full explanation of the results and instructions on how to treat abnormalities detected in the results.  Many of the letters include written prescriptions intended to treat easy to fix problems such as Vitamin D deficiencies, etc.  Each patient participating in the blood  is given access to a personal nutritionist at no extra cost  All patients will be provided with suggested daily caloric intake and sample menus, but the personal nutritionist provides more customized meal plans based on individual blood work results.

For additional information, please call the weight loss clinic location that you plan to visit:  

St. Vincent's East (Birmingham) 205-838-3740

Montclair Road (Birmingham) 205-582-9316 

Prattville 334-358-9262

Gadsden 256-547-3907 

Madison 256-325-1543